Introductory Articles: Woman’s Ejaculation

Female Squirting Tutorial

The man survived an average of only 5 to 10 minutes during sex. From a survey reported by Men’s Health, as many as 71 percent of men want to have better sexual endurance. Want to know how?
Masturbation with orgasm imagine a woman in your mind. Take your time. Perform up to 15 minutes. Bring yourself to the starting point, and then start again. But do not let yourself ejaculate until time runs out.

One thing you can do to make any woman squirt is to embrace your partner from behind. This is one way you can do while undergoing a date with your spouse. Women really like when he hugged from behind by a couple.

give the most intense female squirting orgasm

step-by-step guide

Plus, this will also make your partner feel more affectionate with you. Women are creatures who want to feel the love and affection from their partner. Therefore you can try to apply it. Invite your partner you have to date in place able to provide the outdoor atmosphere is thick. Furthermore, you can try to hug her from behind while looking at the beautiful beach atmosphere. Seeing a beautiful beach while hugging your loved partner from behind will make you able to experience the unforgettable experience of your lifetime. On the other hand it will make couples become increasing libido and they will feel a tremendous stimulus.

If you are too hot during sex. Then you can stop for a moment, then pressed just below the head of your penis. Focus the pressure on the urethra which is located along the bottom of the penis. This pushes blood out of the penis and momentarily represses the ejaculatory response.

Keeping ejaculation

Discussion with your partner is important

The process has four stages of sexual response. That is, arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. By recognizing the whole spectrum of feelings on stage, try to judge your sexual excitement on a scale of 1 to 10. And keep your sex passion in figure 7 during sex with a partner.

Try round two
Most men last much longer the second time. And the more you practice, the more your performance will last longer in bed.
Let your partner take control
When the pair is above, then your penis is less stimulated. You can ask the couple to slowly holding ‘ control ‘, then faster and faster movements.

This position is very dangerous for men. But if you are able to last longer, then your endurance in bed was not in doubt.

Part of her back is also one of the sensitive part. Well, if you kiss this section can be sure that your partner will feel very, very amused especially the clitoris part. However, you have to kiss the back in a gentle way. You could also try to tempt your partner with one bite of this section. The spine is very liked by the people. Not to mention, the bite will also be able to make your partner more like you on during sex. Making love can do it in different ways but it’s important for you to do the right steps. That’s how you can make any woman in the world squirt. Please practice some times to get it right.!!